(actuele REPERTOIRE in alfabetische volgorde) ADAGIO (/uitv.The Ryders) AJOEN AJOEN (Willy and his Giants) ALL SHOOK UP (Otis Blackwell) ALBATROSS  (Fleetwood Mac) AND I LOVE HER (instrumental) The Beatles APACHE (The Shadows) BAD MOON RISING  (CCR) SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE DUCK POUND (The Cougars) BOOGIE WOOGIE COUNTRY GIRL CAVATINA (The Shadows) new CHEROKEE BOOGIE (Th Lincolns) new COSY (The Shadows) CRYING IN MY WHISKY (The Lincolns) new DAKOTA (Jumping Jewels) DIAMONDS (Jet Harris) DO YOU WANNA DANCE  (Cliff Richard) EXCUSE ME (Buck Owens) FBI  (The Shadows) FIND ME A GOLDEN STREET  (The Shadows) FOLSOM PRISON BLUES (Johnny Cash) FOOTTAPPER  (The Shadows) FORTY DAYS (Cliff Richard) GERONIMO  (The Shadows) GET  RHYTHM (Johnny Cash) GREAT PRETENDER (Elvis/The Lincolns) new GREENSLEEVES (evergreen) HEARTBEAT (Buddy Holly) HELLO JOSEPHINE (Fats Domino) HEMELSBLAUW (Wil Ventura) I’AM WALKING (Ricky Nelson) IN THE POCKET (Houston Alley) IT’S UP TO YOU (Ricky Nelson) I’VE GOT A TIGER BY THE TAIL (Buck Owens) JUDY (The Lincolns) LA COMPARSA (ZZ en de Maskers) LIVING DOLL (Cliff Richard) LONESOME TRAIL (Houston Alley) MARIE MARIE (The Lincolns) MOVE IT (Cliff Richard) MYSTERY TRAIN ( Junior Parker) ONE HAND LOOSE (The Lincolns) new PERFIDIA (The Shadows) PETITE FLEUR (Hank Marvin) PIPELINE (The Ventures) PLEASE MAMA PLEASE (The Lincolns) PRETEND (Alvin Stardust) RED RIVER ROCK (Johnny & The Hurricanes) ROCKABILLY REBEL (Matchbox) ROLL ON (CLICKERTY CLACK) SEA CRUISE (Cliff) SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL (Elvis) SHINDIG (The Shadows) SINGING THE BLUES (Cliff Richard) SWEET LITTLE LADY (The Lincolns) new THE HUCKLEBUCK (Chubby Checker) THE STROLL MOLS (The Lincolns) TRAVELING MAN (The Lincolns) SOUTH OF THE BORDER (The Shadows) SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN (Cliff Richard) THAT’S ALLRIGHT MAMA (Ricky Nelson) new THE GOLDEN SEA (Lennart Clerwall) TILL (Charles Danvers) TRAVELLIN MAN (The Lincolns) VISIONS (Cliff Richard) WHY WORRY (Mark Knopfler)
‘Follow The Oldies’ 4e CD van HOUSTON ALLEY CD release 18 juli 2020 met 14 live-opnamen die werden gemixed en gemasterd door VanP Studio in Leusden (verkrijgbaar tijdens onze optredens à €10)